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Myderma is a full service Skin Care Salon and Medical Spa in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in Miami Beach, Florida. With more than 15 years of experience in the dermatology and cosmetic industry, we are leaders in providing skin treatments and procedures with the most advanced technology making your experience enjoyable and comfortable. 

With a team of professionals who are dedicated to offering constant quality and service, we specialize in responding to all the needs and desires of each patient. In our Salon, we are proud to have highly specialized and trained doctors and estheticians nationally and internationally, providing an optimal and comprehensive service in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, and managing to transform the expectations of our patients into realities.

All our staff in Myderma share the values of respect and communicate openly and honestly. We commit ourselves to satisfy the expectations of our patients, relying on the service, comprehensive treatments, knowledge and the technology that we use.


Our Medical Director, Dr Muir

Dr. Millicent Muir hails from the beautiful parish of Manchester in Jamaica, West Indies. She is a trusted and highly skilled physician with 21 years of experience in obstetrics, gynecology and infertility.  In addition, she performs cosmetic surgical procedures including vaginal and labiaplasty, administers conscious sedation during surgical procedures and recovers patients postoperatively.

She gained her undergraduate education at Framingham State College in Massachusetts and at the University of Tennessee. She subsequently earned her Medical Doctorate at the esteemed University of Tennessee Memphis, College of Medicine. She began her residency training there and completed her last two years at the Stamford Hospital / Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she was selected as an Administrative Chief Resident during her final year.

Dr. Muir is guaranteed to give her patients undivided attention, reassurance and thorough physical examinations.  She practices medicine with conscience and dignity, honoring her pledge to consecrate her life to the service of humanity.

Our Manager, Dr Russell

Silvana Russell is a doctor in Argentina specialized in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Laser, and Skin Diseases with an extensive curriculum and experiences in several fields of her specialty.

She is the Medical Director at our Skin Spa, Myderma, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and works as a manager in the United States as well.

She has participated in several international training, researches, and joint projects with related specialists from around the world. She has knowledge on pediatric, neonatal, oncological dermatology, dermocosmetics, laser therapy, cryosurgery, and dermatology surgery. 

Studies and work experience

Dr. Russell graduated in General Doctor in 2008, and as a specialist in Dermatology in 2014 from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She was a Dermatologist Professor at Florida Medical College in Miami, United States; and worked as a Dermatologist Surgeon at Ramos Mejia Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Additionally, she obtained a Dermatologist Surgeon Certificate from the Argentina Society of Dermatology; a Surgeon Diploma from the Italian Hospital; a Skin Care Certificate from Florida Medical College in the United States; and passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination step one.

She has experience working in Pediatric Dermatology at Ramos Mejia Hospital; Sexually Transmitted Diseases at Muniz Hospital; and Dermatology at Hospital of Clinics.

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